Some things that surprised me about attending my first Super Bowl...

- I had to leave the hotel at 6:30am (12 hours before kick off) to beat traffic, get my credentials and take the employee shuttle to the stadium

- I didn’t arrive at the stadium until 11am…three and half hours after I left the hotel

- A sky banner was being flown over the tailgate party reading “accident, crash, slip or fall? Call…

- The amount of people that buy tacky Super Bowl 44 apparel…

- Adam Sandler is the same person in real life as he is in his movies…Rob Schneider and David Spade are not

- How quickly the media/paparazzi swarm celebrities. It is as though they appear out of no where. Case in point Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes arrived to only two photographers taking pictures of them. During the 30 second golf cart ride to the stadium they were swarmed by 30+ members of the press.

- The amount of people that watched the Super Bowl on TV from the suite concourse lounge instead of live in their suite or seat.

- A hot dog and beer cost $17 dollars

- Outside of Colts fans and those who had bet on the Colts everyone was cheering for the Saints including team owners, their families and staff.

- People offering $50 to buy fans ticket stubs after the game.

- The amount of people that came to Miami for the Super Bowl but were not going to the game

- The amount of money people will pay to be at a party with celebs, NFL players and owners…even though majority of them stayed in VIP areas where paid guests were not permitted

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