A recent survey of 400+ companies conducted by Deloitte and posted in InformationWeek Jan 18, 2010 issue, outlined the biggest obstacles companies face to making online communities work. I take a look at the top 5 obstacles and determine if a social media hub can help.

Quick definition of a social media hub: A social media hub consolidates fragmented conversions across multiple social media platforms into one branded website. This includes, twitter, flickr, youtube, facebook, blogs and more…

1. Getting people to engage and participate

-Well a social media hub centralizes your entire social media content onto one site. So an increase in interesting content should increase the likelihood of engagement and participation.
-Additionally a hub creates a community on an open website so anyone can access it even those not on twitter or facebook.
-Since our initial hub launched (www.ottawa67shub.com) engagement and participation on the teams facebook page has more than doubled

2. Attracting people to the community

-A hub attracts new and existing web traffic
-The hub is attached directly to your main web site so it is easy to direct current traffic to the hub
-Plus the spokes of the hub (twitter, facebook, youtube, flickr, blog, etc…) are far reaching and each have their own audience which will ultimately be pulled back to the hub

3. Getting people to keep coming back

-Content on the hub is automatically pulled in from pre-selected social media platforms. Thus there is a constant supply of new user generated content for fans to look at.
-Once they visit the hub they will keep coming back time and time again to view the newest pics, tweets and vids that the team and fans have uploaded

4. Finding enough time to manage the community
-Best part of the hub…relevant content is pulled in automatically
-The more people start to visit the hub the more users/fans will be come the hubs content provider.
-Once the hub gains in popularity you should be able to put your feet up and watch to ensure your goals are being met.

5. Getting people to populate their profile

-Were not trying to re-create the wheel instead were using the popularity of existing social media sites to our advantage.
-Users can sign in or participate on the site through their existing social media platform, i.e. facebook or twitter.

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