The focus of social media today seems to be about followers or number fans a facebook page has. I know this is a sexy and easy number to track but it is not necessarily the most important.

Suppose company x offers a free bagel to everyone who becomes a fan of their page. Chances are your going to signup after all you just have to click a button that says you want to become a fan of company x and you receive a free bagel.

So company x gets thousands of fans virtually over night by offering free bagels…which is an incredible way to drive traffic. However, is it useful to have a huge following but very little participation? The long term goal of the campaign needs to be focused on site activity. Sure you can broadcast messages to your followers/fans but if the fan is not engaging and interacting with your brand are they really listening to your broadcasted message? Most likely it’s being ignored.

You wouldn’t run a sponsorship campaign without a full activation program planned around it. So why develop a social media campaign to grow followers but not have a plan in place to engage and keep fans/followers interacting. Ultimately it is the amount of activity and interaction taking place on the site that will determine how often someone visits and how long they stay…the more they visit and the longer they stay the greater chance you have that your message is being heard..

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